The hysteria around
field turf fails the
test of science.

Recycled rubber concerns are unfounded

In a recent letter to the editor, a Ph.D. chemist with decades of experience in medico-scientific research outlines his thoughts on recycled rubber and how recent concerns are unfounded. Be informed and read the entire article from The Berkshire Eagle today.

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Your health and
safety should start
with the facts.

Know the facts about recycled rubber

Current news reports of a group of soccer players who were diagnosed with cancer raises a concern that is more speculation than science. The Recycled Rubber Council stands behind the health and environmental safety of our product and invite you to discover the facts from unfounded claims.

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Reliable data
is the foundation
of all discussion.

Industry experts on recycled rubber

Recycled rubber is safe. Over the past two decades numerous independent studies have been completed on recycled rubber and all have had one thing in common – all have found no connection between recycled rubber and any health issues. But don’t let us make that conclusion for you – read what the experts have concluded.

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We're protecting
our most valuable

Frequently asked questions about recycled rubber

Parents need to know their child is safe on the field and on the playground. While there is absolutely no evidence that recycled rubber products pose increased health risks for children or adults, we understand there are many important questions and concerns that need to be answered.

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Why is the recycled
rubber industry
still under attack?

Related news about recycled rubber

Everywhere you look, schools and organizations committed to the health and safety of their users are evaluating the evidence and choosing to move forward with their recycled rubber projects. New projects and upgrades are well underway. So why is recycled rubber still under attack?

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