Industry Groups

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Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

ISRI, a Washington, DC, based trade association, represents more than 1,600 for-profit companies…Our members are manufacturers and processors, brokers and industrial consumers of scrap commodities, including ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper, electronics, rubber, plastics, glass and textiles. Learn more at: Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Additional information is also available at: Recycled Rubber Facts


Safe Fields Alliance

The Safe Fields Alliance is a coalition dedicated to educating stakeholders around the safety of synthetic turf fields using crumb rubber. Nothing is more important than the safety and health of children, which is why when making decisions related to children’s safety and health, we have to look at the facts and the science – which in this case are extremely clear. An overwhelming body of scientific evidence shows that synthetic turf with crumb rubber infill is safe for children to play on. We believe that rigorous science and unbiased research is the best antidote for uncertainty, and we always welcome additional research. We encourage the Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to publicly examine the safety of synthetic turf with crumb rubber, which we are confident would result in the conclusion that these fields are safe. Learn more at: Safe Fields Alliance


Synthetic Turf Council

Founded in 2003, the Synthetic Turf Council is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association dedicated to serving as a resource for trustworthy information about synthetic turf. Our objective is to encourage, promote and facilitate better understanding among all parties involved in the manufacture, selection, delivery and use of today’s synthetic turf systems. To that end, we make every attempt to dispense information that is neutral, objective and validated by independent, science-based, current and credible research. Learn more at: Synthetic Turf Council


Tire Industry Association

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is an international association representing all segments of the tire industry, including those that manufacture, repair, recycle, sell, service or use new or retreaded tires, and also those suppliers or individuals who furnish equipment, material or services to the industry. Learn more at: Tire Industry Association