About Us

The Recycled Rubber Council (RRC) has a mission to communicate, advocate, and educate about the safety and beneficial uses of recycled rubber.

The organization was created to serve as a resource for those that want unbiased information about recycled rubber and to be a voice for an industry…an industry that provides products that are all around us and make our world a better place. Rubber has been an integral part of our lives for nearly 200 years and without it, the world as we know it would be a dramatically different place. Chances are you were in a car today and the tires made of rubber got you from point to point safely. What you may not know is that the highway or street you were on also contained recycled rubber. It helps provide a longer lasting and quieter surface. Our children ride bikes with tires made of rubber and when we hit the gym we wear shoes that have rubber soles and exercise on flooring made from rubber.

Our goal is not to list every product that you use containing rubber or recycled rubber but to provide you with information and allow you to make an informed decision about recycled rubber.

The studies that you will find are not funded by us or biased in any way. They are all independent studies that were conducted without our input. We know that products made of rubber and recycled rubber are safe and we would like you to engage with the resources on this site as we know you will come to the same conclusion.